An Introduction to Skiing

Skiing is becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK - even though we don't really have the snow to do it here! This sport can be enjoyed by all the family - from kids to adults - and it's becoming more and more common for people to take a winter holiday and to go skiing.

One of the big advantages to going skiing on holiday is that you can get as much fun out of the experience as a beginner as you will if you are an experienced skier. Ski resorts are more than capable of taking a group of inexperienced skiers and helping them learn the basics in one quick holiday. And, if you've skied before, then you'll have no problems. Bear in mind that some beginners also like to get some practise in at home on a dry ski slope so that they can get up and running quicker when they are away.

Depending on the type of skiing you'll be trying out you may need different kinds of clothing and ski equipment as not all stuff is suitable for all kinds of skiing. Bear in mind - if you are new to skiing - that you can easily hire the stuff you need at your resort so you can try it out to see if you like it before you buy a load of clothes and equipment.