Introduction to Snowboarding

In recent years snowboarding has turned into one of the most popular new winter sports. Initially taken up by experienced skiers who wanted to try something different this is now a sport that can be taken up by just about anybody.

The point of snowboarding is to use the snow with a single board (kind of like a big skateboard but without wheels!) rather than on two skis. There are various things you can do with your snowboard. For example, you can use it for downhill/alpine racing or you can use it for tricks as well (often known as freestyle snowboarding). If, as many snowboarders do, you like to do both then you'll be known as a freerider.

Some snow boarders will go to winter sports resorts with specialist facilities whilst others will simply be able to board at standard ski resorts. Bear in mind that the kind of snowboard you use and the equipment you have may vary according to the type of snowboarding you want to do. Your size, foot size and weight may also play a part here as well.

It may be worth your while hiring equipment at the resort you visit if you can until you get a feel for the sport. There are all kinds of options with snowboarding equipment at all kinds of prices and it's always wise to know what kind of boarding you'll most likely be doing before you invest in equipment.

If you haven't snowboarded before then your best bet might be to go on an introductory holiday or to book lessons at a winter sports resort. The easiest way to get up and boarding quickly is by knowing what you are doing!